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Travelling safely to school and being safe at school. - 13/11/2015 -     This week we had a visitor from the CoPP talking to everyone about how we can travel safely in a sustainable way to school. It was good to be reminded about the importance of active travel, both for our health and our environment. Next year the Year 4 children are going to help […]
Uniforms and how to pay at school - 5/11/2015 - This week we talked about how you can pay for book packs, excursions, swimming etc at school. There was also an opportunity to look at some sample uniforms from A Plus Uniforms and place an order. Don’t worry if you missed out as Marita will be back again next week. If you would like to […]
Food! - 5/11/2015 - Last week, at our third Prep Parent Transition session, we shared some of our tips and ideas about the different types of food, lunch boxes and what is ‘just the right amount’ of food to send to school.   Our school aims to be a nut-free school. We do have a number of children at school […]

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