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Uniforms and how to pay at school

This week we talked about how you can pay for book packs, excursions, swimming etc at school. There was also an opportunity to look at some sample uniforms from A Plus Uniforms and place an order. Don’t worry if you missed out as Marita will be back again next week. If you would like to find out more about how to purchase uniform items online then please click here.

School broad brimmed hats are compulsory uniform items until the 30th April and then again from mid August each year. These hats are available for purchase from the Office for $15. make sure you label them clearly!

Our Swap Shop is open from 3.30pm on Mondays and Thursdays for anyone who would like to choose some pre-loved uniform items. All items can be purchased for a gold coin donation. 

We strongly recommend that you label all items of clothing clearly with a permanent marker. Please write your child’s full name as this will increase the chances of the jumper, hat or windcheater being returned. Lost property is located in King’s Hall outside the Art Room and is the first place to look if your child loses anything. 

We also talked about the importance of a good bag. Our SKPS school bag is a hard wearing bag that is the perfect size. It allows the children to easily pack their lunchbox, drink bottle, hat, spare clothes, books and all the things they find at school that they want to share with you at home! Investing in a good sized bag will ensure that less items are lost throughout the year.

You will soon receive some information about our fees and charges. There is a charge for essential items, such as equipment that your child will use in the classroom and during the specialist programs, and then there are voluntary contributions which help us across a range of areas.

Our voluntary contribution areas are: Library Fund, Building Fund (both tax deductible), Masterplan Fund and Welfare Fund.

Library Fund: when you contribute to this fund you support us in creating a state of the art 21st century resource for our children. We use the donations to provide a range of resources and technology from books to computers.

Building Fund: this fund allows us to maintain our buildings and carry out vital maintenance such as repairing our sash windows, painting, re-carpeting etc. As you can see our Building Fund has really helped make our school a vibrant and exciting place to come to learn. Our dream project is to build new classrooms above the Art and Performing Arts Rooms in King’s Hall so that we can avoid the placement of portables on our land. In 2018 we are at capacity so this is an urgent issue and we hope to find innovative solutions over the next year! We hope you will be able to help us!

Masterplan Fund: Every four years we consult with our community to find out what their hopes and dreams are for our buildings and grounds and we have just completed a Masterplan Process. We already have some ideas which have come from the children which include more nature spaces to play, improved oval surface, improved access to the school from the Chapel St side and so much more.

Welfare Fund: donations to this fund allow us to continue to employ the necessary specialists to support our children, eg speech therapists, councillors, etc. We are also able to employ a Welfare Coordinator who supports many of our families who are in need, both physically with basic needs and emotionally when disasters strike. Our school believes strongly in all children taking part in all areas of school life and so we do subsidise camps, excursions, swimming programs and even external membership of clubs such as basketball and soccer so that all our children can take full advantage of everything that happens at our school.

Throughout the year the children will take part in a number of excursions and incursions. You will receive a paper permission form in your child’s bag no less than 2 weeks before the event is to happen. We do have a deadline for payment and return of permission forms and unfortunately, if either the permission form or payment has not been received at school by this date, your child will not be able to attend. If you would like to discuss any issues with payment of fees or excursion charges, please call into the Office to see Sue Higgins for a chat.

There are lots of different ways you can pay for fees, voluntary contributions, excursions etc.

Qkr: is an app you can download from the App store or Google Play. By registering with this app you will be able to pay any fees or charges quickly and easily from your phone.

BPay: when you receive a statement or invoice from the school you will find all the BPay details you need at the bottom. Please make sure you contact the school if you are paying for more than one charge or if you are making a voluntary contribution so that our Business Manager, Jennifer Holden, can allocate your donations and payments to the correct area. Also include your name in the information that you provide so that we can process the payment accurately and easily.

In person by cash or card: just pop into the office and one of our lovely office staff will point you in the right direction.

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Posted on 05/11/15 in Prep Transition Blog

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