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What a great beginning!

We had a very exciting day yesterday as we met our lovely Prep 2017 children and their parents! We got off to a very smooth start, with each child finding their name tag, the coloured balloon and their classroom for the day. It was fantastic to see the new Preps find something in the classrooms which interested them, such as building blocks, drawing, puppets or dress ups! After a little bit of time playing and getting to know the teachers and some of the other children, each group embarked on a different journey. One group visited the productive garden, looking for bugs, watering plants and saying hello to our beautiful chooks. Another group visited the junior playground, having a play and exploring their new environment. The third group visited our library, getting an introduction to one of our favourite parts of school – listening to stories, reading and investigating all the wonderful books we have at SKPS! The final group had a think about what they might need to pack in their bags on the very first day of school and packed their pretend backpacks. It was really exciting to see our big buddies from Grade 4 join us and help the new Preps to settle in to school too. What a pleasure it was to meet next years Preps. We can’t wait to see everybody again next week!

While all this was happening we had our first Parent Transition Session for 2016. We had an amazing turn out and the staff room was packed.

This week’s session was all about how we communicate here at SKPS. Here are some key points:

  • We always prefer face to face communication. Building relationships is the most important thing for us. You have been your child’s teacher since birth, followed by your early years educator and we are just the newest members of the team. We are hoping that we will be able to build on all the work that has been done so far and continue to focus on supporting your child becoming the best they can be.
  • Your child’s teacher is always the first port of call. All of our Prep teachers are excited about building long term relationships with you and your family so please feel free to get to know them.
  • If you have a concern and would like to have a longer chat with your child’s teacher then please ask them for an appointment. They want to be able to give you the time and consideration to listen to you and 8.50 as the music is playing, with 20 little people all vying for their attention, is not the best time!
  • At the beginning of the term the Prep children do not come to school on Wednesday (they will start coming to school full time on the week beginning 6th March). Over the holidays you will receive a card letting you know who your child’s teacher will be and inside will be an invite to bring your child to school on one of the Wednesdays during February. ¬†Please bring them along at that time so that their teacher can find out more about their literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge. It is also a great chance to spend some very special one to one time with their new teacher. If you think you cannot make the allocated time please see your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year.
  • At SKPS we do the majority of our communication via the internet (helps us use less paper!). There are a number of streams that we use.
  • We strongly recommend that you go to the website and subscribe to the Prep transition Blog (which will become the Prep Blog in 2017 so you will be able to find out about all the learning that is happening in your child’s classroom). Please subscribe to Sue’s News as well so that you get all the general news about what is happening at school.
  • Download the Konnective app onto your smart phone and that way you will never forget a dress up day, excursion or special event at school. Sign up for the Prep 2016 and General Updates streams to make sure you stay in touch with up to the minute information.
  • Sign on to our parent managed ¬†Facebook page. All the content here is created by our lovely parents.
  • We create amazing digital portfolios that will allow us to share your child’s learning journey as it happens on the Seesaw app. No longer will you have put up with the standard answer (‘Nothing!’) to the question ‘What did you do at school today?’ You will already know and be able to get the ball rolling!

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Posted on 16/10/15 in Prep Transition Blog

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