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Wow! What a wonderful start to school for our marvellous new Preps. We’ve explored our new learning environment, met new friends and toured the school! It’s been really exciting for the Prep teachers to have the chance to meet all the new children and their families, especially those new to SKPS. We’re so excited for the year to come with our magnificent new Preps.

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100 Days of Prep! - 2/8/2017 - Here are some happy snaps from our wonderful day. Firstly, our incredible costumes! SMILe was extremely busy with ‘100’ related investigations! These last two absolutely blew us away with their explorations. They collected loose items and wanted to get 100. How would they know they had 100? By making groups of 10, then counting by […]
We are learning to MEASURE - 1/8/2017 - Welcome back to Term 3! Since returning from holidays, we have been learning about measurement. We are learning to use words like tall, short, big, small, long, high, low and wide. In teams, we were challenged to construct a tall tower using only a piece of A3 paper. We created a city where all our towers […]
We’ve Been As Busy As Ants - 14/6/2017 - This term we have been almost as busy as the ants we saw at the Museum! In Reading we have been developing important comprehension skills. You can ask us about these skills at home! If you keep one or two of these skills in mind each time we read a take home book, you can ask us questions about […]

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