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Wow! What a wonderful start to school for our marvellous new Preps. We’ve explored our new learning environment, met new friends and toured the school! It’s been really exciting for the Prep teachers to have the chance to meet all the new children and their families, especially those new to SKPS. We’re so excited for the year to come with our magnificent new Preps.

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What’s happening in Prep? - 11/5/2018 - Hello everybody, We’re well into our second term of school and aren’t things moving fast!? Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning to: retell a story using the beginning, middle and end draw a detailed plan for a piece of writing use our ‘slidey snail’ (finger) to track where we are up to as […]
Our first full weeks of school - 14/3/2018 - What a wonderful few weeks we’ve had. The children have had their first full weeks of school and are doing tremendously! It’s harder without the Wednesday off. If you’re experiencing some really tired little people and some out of the ordinary behaviour, don’t worry. It’s common at this time of year. As the children work so […]
Welcome to Prep 2018! - 21/2/2018 - Welcome to the Prep Blog 2018!   We’ve had a wonderful first few weeks. It’s been exciting to meet new friends, explore our new environment, learn new routines and learn about all the different things that happen at school.   On this blog, you’ll find information about what’s happening across the five Prep grades. We […]

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