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Prep 2017!

100 Days of Prep!

Here are some happy snaps from our wonderful day. Firstly, our incredible costumes!

SMILe was extremely busy with ‘100’ related investigations!

These last two absolutely blew us away with their explorations. They collected loose items and wanted to get 100. How would they know they had 100? By making groups of 10, then counting by 10s to reach 100, of course! This concept was explored later in the day as we pulled out our ziplock bags of 100 ‘things’ from home and proved there were 100…

We also enjoyed ‘hunting’ for 100 in the sun.

What will we be doing when we are 100 years old?

A HUGE thank you to Ms LoaderĀ for working with all the Prep classes and creating this AMAZING banner for us to fly through at the end of the day!

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Posted on 02/08/17 in Preps Blog

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