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100 Days of Prep and more!

We finally made it! We’ve been to school for 100 days and celebrated in style. The teachers were a bit confused as they went to collect the children at the beginning of the day… all they could see were 100 year old people ready for a day of fun.

We shared our ‘100 items’ with our classes, had a 100 metre race, made some ‘100 artworks’ and read some wonderful stories such as ‘100 hungry ants’, ‘Centipedes 100 shoes’ and ‘1 is a snail, 10 is a crab’ – all of these helped us to deepen our understanding of the wonderful and important number – 100! We’ve been learning lots about two digit numbers also – maybe you could check how many ways we can say different two digit numbers – for instance 43 is the same as 40 and 3 or 4 tens and 3 extra ones. This is complex for our Preppies and need lots of and lots of contextual practice. Don’t forget to continue to practice counting forwards and backwards from lots of different starting points – all of these things work together to help them develop excellent number sense.

This fortnight is an exciting one, as we get to celebrate our first Book Week (week beginning 20/8). Book Week is a chance for us to revel in the joy that is reading. We’ve got a theatre company coming to perform a show for us this Tuesday around the Book Week theme – Find Your Treasure. This show will incorporate many of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Short/Longlisted Books and will truly launch us into Book Week.

Please find below our Statement of Intent for the next fortnight.

Come and have a look at our new learning spaces through the middle of our building. As we are learning about Narratives (and having a theatre incursion) for the next little while, we’ve set up a theatre with space for making masks, costumes, backdrops and props – we’ll look at ways that we can publish stories besides writing them. There’s also a nifty French restaurant where the service is always second to none! I wonder how many dollars lunch will cost? $23? 20 and 3 extra ones?

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Posted on 14/08/18 in Preps Blog

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