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What a wonderful and busy fortnight we have had! During SMILe we have been working on looking after our classroom environment and using words to express our feelings. It was great to hear conversations about sharing and working together.

Our Skipper’s Stars this week were chosen for naming and using shapes during their investigations to construct buildings and create pictures.

During Maths we continued exploring shape with popsticks and geoboards and went on ‘shape hunts’ around the playground… Have you seen the shape of the Gaga pit? How many sides does it have? How many corners? Maybe you can go on a shape hunt, too!

Spot the hexagons amongst these circles!

Some of our stars had a go at writing the sounds they know, or spotted things during their investigations that started with the sounds we’ve been learning to read (m, f, c, h, o, b)! During reading we’ve been blending these sounds to read words and in writing we are learning to form these letters correctly, as well as having a go at writing about our pictures.

This fortnight we will continue learning to count forward and backward to 20 and subitise small groups of objects. We are starting to compare the lengths of items in the classroom and use words like ‘shorter’ and ‘longer’. Our new sounds will be g, d, l, r, e and v. We can blend these new sounds to make lots of words! We have started sharing big books and using our first reading strategy ‘Slidey Snail’. In writing we are learning to show grit and have a go!


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Posted on 08/03/17 in Preps Blog

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