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Fairy Tale Learning in Reading, Writing and Maths

Once upon a time… there were some beautiful children who lived in a wonderful town called St Kilda!

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We have been reading fairy tales this week and discovering so many connections between stories. The Gingerbread Man reminds us of the Three Little Pigs because the fox is always hungry and trying to eat the other characters. Goldilocks and the Three Bears reminds us of Little Red Riding Hood because both stories happen in small houses in the woods!

We are learning to describe why characters behave the way they do and also to try putting ourselves in the shoes of the fairy tale characters. We are having a lot of fun with theseĀ inferring tasks as we use our creativity skills to create background information that justifies what happens in the stories. Did you know that the Three Little Pigs were always annoying the poor fox and they had eaten all of his food so he had no choice but to eat them!

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In writing we are learning to include a beginning, middle and end that includes a problem and solution. Fairy tales have helped us think about what this means as they provide great examples of how a writer can organise the story.

We are also learning about collecting and recording data. We used class surveys during SMILe to ask everyone who their favourite fairy tale character was and agreed that the next fairy tale we read should be about that character! The surveys showed that Prep S loves Peter Pan, while Prep T loves Jack and the Beanstalk.


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Posted on 08/11/16 in Preps Blog

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