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Garden Fun With Prep P!

Prep P have been busy finding spiders, caterpillars, millipedes, earwigs and slater bugs in the garden today.

We have made a home for the caterpillars in our classroom.

Come in and have a look!

This afternoon we had a moth that had just emerged from its home and we all let it go!!!

We all have had lots of fun because we love being outside in the garden.

The chickens were particularly cheeky today, they were pecking the string on our hats. They also pecked Iris, Miss Price, Piper, Odette, Vivi, Jessica, Milo, Alexander and Ruby (lucky it only gives us a fright).

We made up a new game called throw the rock in the bucket of water.

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Posted on 04/11/15 in Preps Blog

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