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Happy 100 Days of School!

The day finally arrived! We finally filled our classroom 100s charts with stickers!

The 100-year-olds that arrived yesterday looked absolutely fantastic and they brought with them 100 ‘things’! So far we have 100 rice bubbles, Lego, pasta, dried beans, croutons, beads, balloons, and 100s and 1000s! We counted some of them again, counting by 1s and 10s. There was amazing thinking, planning and teamwork happening in the classroom.

At the moment in Maths we are exploring the number 100, looking at patterns on 100s charts and making and naming two-digit numbers.

Picture42Picture45 Picture40 Picture39
Picture36 Picture35 Picture34 Picture33 Picture32 Picture31 Picture30 Picture29 Picture28 Picture27 Picture26 Picture25

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Posted on 27/07/16 in Preps Blog

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