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Manabi International Airport

What a start to the second half of the year! Manabi International Airport celebrated a very successful grand opening last week. The travel agent desk has been flat out writing boarding passes and their information brochures have been very popular in the waiting area and other reading nooks around the airport.

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We have a check in desk and bag drop off area complete with security and attendants. This area has been wonderful for developing oral language and procedural terms (first, second, third).

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Over in the aircraft we have a serious cockpit where our pilots work tirelessly to keep the plane in the air and land safely. The dials, buttons and gear stick encourage imagination and many are labelled with numbers and letters that are incorporated into the play that occurs here.

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The lucky passengers must use their boarding pass to find their seats and enjoy the ride. Flight attendants serve food and drink on trays, collecting and counting money from the guests.

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Posted on 20/07/16 in Preps Blog

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