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Melbourne Museum

Last Wednesday, the Preps went on their very first excursion to the Melbourne Museum. We arrived at school nice and early and boarded the two big buses (definitely a highlight of the day!).

When we arrived, the three classes split up to make their own way through the exhibitions. We visited the insects and dinosaurs, learnt about Planet Earth and investigated the wild and whacky world of the deep, deep sea.

Each class spent some time with a special teacher from the museum, learning about all different sorts of bugs and creepy crawlies. We learnt about the features of these different creatures and what makes them special. It was really fun to use magnifying glasses to try to look for these features as we sorted them. Finally, we had a fashion parade where some children dressed up as some funny make believe animals!

At lunch, we stretched our legs and had a wonderful time playing on the playground in Carlton Gardens.

All in all it was a wonderful (and exhausting) day! We’d love to thank the parent helpers who came along and made the day possible.

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Posted on 02/06/17 in Preps Blog

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