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Our Final Learning for Term 1

We’ve been busy in Prep enjoying our last few weeks of Term 1. We’ve been learning to work alongside others and show interest in other children. Here you can see some amazing examples from SMILe!

We’ve been reading the sounds ‘d, g, l, r, e, v’ and spent lots of time blending these sounds to make words. Have you noticed anything around the house that begins with these sounds? We’ve been developing our ability to ‘read to someone’ independently. You may have even been told at home to sit ‘EEKK’ (elbow to elbow, knee to knee)! We read together because we think it’s fun to share books and listen to each other’s ideas, and because we can help each other become better readers, too!

‘The’, ‘I’ and ‘my’ are all special words that can’t be sounded out, but we use them a lot when we read and write. We have added these words to our word walls and the children are using them in their writing to help form sentences. We will continue to add ‘a, by, is and his’ to the word wall over the next fortnight.

Our ability to subitise is already getting better! We’ve been making our own games which help us recognise collections of 1-6, and we’re always doing lots of forward and backward counting. You can count at home, too! How many plates do we need for dinner? I wonder how many carrots we each have? How many altogether?! I bet you can’t put your clothes on before I count to 30! 1, 2, 3…

Over the last few weeks of Term 1, we will continue reading and blending the sounds we know and adding ‘k, w, u, y, j’. We are learning to make predictions about the text we are reading. You can do some predicting at home, too! In writing we are focusing on independently having a go and using the alphabet frieze and word walls in the classroom. In Maths, we are learning to partition numbers into two smaller parts. For example, we can make 5 with 4 and 1, or 3 and 2.

The beginning of the year has flown by and we are having so much fun! We would love to welcome our parents to Seesaw in the final week of school so please ensure you’ve returned the permission form. We can’t wait to share the personal learning journeys with you!

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Posted on 23/03/17 in Preps Blog

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