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Our first full weeks of school

What a wonderful few weeks we’ve had. The children have had their first full weeks of school and are doing tremendously!

It’s harder without the Wednesday off. If you’re experiencing some really tired little people and some out of the ordinary behaviour, don’t worry. It’s common at this time of year. As the children work so hard all day at school to meet the new expectations of them and learn so many new things, it’s expected that they are exhausted. Two weeks to go and they can have a well deserved rest!

Over the past fortnight our children have continued to explore their learning environment during SMILe. We’ve seen sky-high constructions, children writing books, marble runs galore, painting, making and reading, along with many other investigations. The teachers have loved having the chance to meet with their focus children daily and really get to know all the children in their class. It’s beautiful to see all the new friendships that are blooming!

























This fortnight, we are learning to:


-Recognise, read and write the sounds m, f, c, h, o and b (lower case letters)

-Blend these sounds (and the ones we’ve learnt) to read words, such as:

mat, fat, fit, cap, pot, bit

-Recognise, read and write the ‘special words’ ‘my, by, is, his’ (along with last weeks ‘the, I’)

-Make predictions about what we are reading from the front cover

– Listen for and write the first sounds we hear in words we are trying to write


– Count forwards and backwards from different starting points

– Count using ‘one to one correspondence’ (count each object just once, and match one number name to each object counted)


– help ourselves learn by using the strategy of ‘3 before me (the teacher)’ – that is, before seeking help from the teacher, there are three things you can do. Think again, look around the room or ask a friend.

– fill each other’s buckets! This is a phrase we use (taken from the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today?) to help students understand that what they do and say can affect other people feelings, and that by being kind, we feel good ourselves!

As mentioned in the previous post, these learning intentions are broad and are aimed at the children as a group. We work with small groups of children to differentiate our teaching and meet their individual needs. 





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Posted on 14/03/18 in Preps Blog

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