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Prep History Talks Continued!

Thank you to all of the wonderful family members who came to share some of their history with us today. It was a wonderfully divers range of information for us all to learn and share!

GG, Zahara’s great grandma who came along today to share her artwork. Elizabeth has had art exhibitions in London and Australia.

She shared some water colour paintings with us and has won many awards for her art.

She gave us a great tip, to make sure we find a job we love and one that makes us happy.

Dorothy, Stevie’s Grandma bought in her spinning wheel and some wool and showed us all how to spin wool.

She knits hats and mittens as a hobby.

We even each got a sample piece of wool before and after it has been spun.

Tabitha’s Nanny showed us a very old writing desk that has been passed down by her family.

The beautiful box had secret drawers and you could store your paper, ink and letters in them.

We talked about now we communicate through many different ways such as email, phone calls, texts and Skype. She was happy to know that some of us still write letters.

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Posted on 12/10/15 in Preps Blog

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