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Prep P Has Been Busy Painting

Prep P have been working hard to create a Prep P peacock painting using their finger prints.

This canvas will be available for sale via silent auction at the SKPS Fete!!

We are going to keep the picture to ourselves, so let your imaginations run wild (think plenty of colour)!!

 All of Prep P have said that they would LOVE to buy it : ) and are excited to bid at the auction!

IMG_6773                            IMG_6775                         IMG_6776                            IMG_6777                        IMG_6780                                  IMG_6781                         IMG_6782                          IMG_6785                       IMG_6786                                    IMG_6787                           IMG_6789                             IMG_6790                           IMG_6793                               IMG_6796                        IMG_6798                         IMG_6799


So start saving your pennies!!!!



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Posted on 14/10/13 in Preps Blog

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