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Reading at Home

We can’t wait to read with our families at home and share the reading strategies we’ve been learning in Prep! We start by looking at the pictures for clues and looking at the words from left to right.

Picture3 Picture4 Picture5

When reading words we try to sound out the first letter, and point to each word as we read it.

picture 4 Picture2 Picture1

Our families can help us by sharing books together every night and encouraging these reading strategies. We’ll also need reminding to bring our books back in our book bags every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (starting next Wednesday!).
Parents and carers have also received digital agreement forms that need to be discussed and completed at home (the last page is the agreement). Please use your creativity skills when it comes to drawing and colouring in the ‘smiley faces’. When the agreements have been returned we can start using our laptops and iPads!

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Posted on 10/03/16 in Preps Blog

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