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Rocket Ship PS10100

Yesterday in SMILe many of us in Prep S chose to focus our investigations on space and the newly named PS10100 rocket ship! We voted to decide on the name and then talked about how big the number 10100 is (very very very big!). With a new name comes the need for new signs and we took it upon ourselves to create a few…

Picture1 Picture7Picture15

We talked about how important it is for astronauts to record what they see from their rocket ships (like asteroids, comets, satellites and planets with water on them). Our rocket ship log book was then used in many investigations to record what we saw in space and we used the key words that are stuck on walls in the space area to help us write about our observations.


Some of us also chose to work together and explore the use of different shapes in creating another rocket ship! As you can see, many of these rocket ships became plagued by aliens…

Picture9Picture4 Picture6 Picture3 pic5

After SMILe we created a shared writing piece where we dictated what Ms Smith wrote and helped her to sound out each word. We used the alphabet frieze to identify the letters we weren’t sure about and the word wall to help us with words we use a lot.


It is so exciting to link our investigations to other learning areas!

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Posted on 22/04/16 in Preps Blog

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