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Skipper’s Stars

What an extraordinary bunch of Skipper’s Stars we’ve had the pleasure of teaching this year! Reading, writing. Counting, building. Singing and dancing. Prep really is THE BEST!

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Skipper’s Stars are different students each day who make their own amazing connections to our current learning intentions during SMILe. The Stars areĀ asked to share their investigation with the class during reflection time (at the end, after the focus children). We are blown away every day by the students’ natural love of learning and their ability to link their interests to thingsĀ happening in Literacy and Numeracy.

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Here you can see surveys and calendars being created. A construction of Machu Picchu in response to a book about man made constructions. The measuring tape from the tinkering area being used with a non-fiction book to work out how long seals can grow after visiting the Zoo. Singing songs and sharing learning with the class. AMAZING!

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Posted on 08/12/16 in Preps Blog

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