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The Fire Brigade Came To Visit!

Get Down Low And Go, Go, Go!

This is one of the most important messages we learnt from Fire Fighter Drew and his Fire Fighting buddies.

They also set us a challenge to go home and make a safe meeting point with our families close to our home.

Next week they will be coming back with the fire engine for us to explore!!! Yay!!



IMG_6825            IMG_6826          IMG_6827                        IMG_6829                       IMG_6830                                   IMG_6831                                           IMG_6832                        IMG_6833                                   IMG_6834                             IMG_6835                                 IMG_6836                            IMG_6837                              IMG_6838                        IMG_6839                                  IMG_6840                                        IMG_6841                            IMG_6843                                                                       IMG_6844

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Posted on 18/10/13 in Preps Blog

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