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We are learning to MEASURE

Welcome back to Term 3!

Since returning from holidays, we have been learning about measurement. We are learning to use words like tall, short, big, small, long, high, low and wide. In teams, we were challenged to construct a tall tower using only a piece of A3 paper. We created a city where all our towers were stuck to the ground and could not be moved, then we discussed how to find out which tower was the tallest.

We tried using our hand as a guide and moving it across the city to compare to other towers but we discovered this was not very reliable! Pencils were suggested as a unit that could be stacked and counted so we tried that, but discovered many of the towers fit between 2-3 units. Pencils did not give us accurate enough information! We also experimented with other units of measurement we found in the classroom such as books, glusticks, pens, sticky notes and wooden blocks.

Many of our units were too long and we couldn’t tell the difference between the tall towers. After much experimenting, we agreed that unifix cubes would be the most useful unit to measure, so we set about stacking and counting.

We are learning to use a system for counting. That means we need to count in a way that makes sure we count every item once by starting in a strategic spot. For our towers, this meant beginning at one end and touching every item as we counted. We also counted with our friends to make sure that we were all saying the numbers in the correct sequence. You can do this at home with collections of anything! We need lots of practice counting beyond 20 and making sure that we have a system as we count. Here we are with our unifix towers…

Did you know a piece of A3 paper is 23 unifix cubes long? Our tallest towers made the most of the length of their paper and we found that we actually had many towers that were the same height! We used words like tall and high to describe them.

We’ve also been busy measuring and counting items such as books, tables, pencils and shoes! We enjoyed making ‘clever guesses’, before actually measuring and seeing how close we were.

Here are some other images of us investigating during SMILe and using our measurement vocabulary.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating 100 days of school! This milestone is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the wonderful learning that has occurred so far. Why not sit down at home with Seesaw and spend some time reviewing your child’s learning journey. We’ve come a long way so far and we’re very excited for the second half of the year, too.

This fortnight we’re shifting our focus to counting by 10s and we’ll be taking lots of opportunities to count large collections of items (like our snaplock bags of 100 ‘things’). In reading we will revisit non-fiction texts with a focus on searching, using and analysing information. We are learning to read and write words that end in ‘ing’, ‘y’ and ‘ed’ as well as these special words; where, when, why, what, which and our. We’ll be using these special words in our writing to help us generate non-fiction ideas, while ensuring our writing makes sense.

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Posted on 01/08/17 in Preps Blog

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