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Welcome Back!

Hello Prep Families,

We’ve had a wonderful start to Semester 2. It’s so lovely to see our Preppies back and ready to learn. Below is our ‘Statement of Intent’ for the next fortnight.

Some of these concepts are really big and important, such as Place Value (that is, numerals have different values depending on what place they hold ie 43 is four tens and three extra ones vs 34 is three tens and four extra ones) so we will continue these for the next month.

Additionally, in Prep we continue to cycle through important early Literacy and Numeracy concepts. Some of these include:

  • four number relationships that build strong number sense (knowing one more/one less than a given number, understanding the important benchmark numbers of 5/10, part-part-whole relationships ie. breaking numbers flexibly into smaller parts and subitising ie. instantly recognising how many there are when looking at small collections of objects, like dice patterns)
  • counting forwards and backwards from different starting points (especially through the teen numbers and bridging across tens, like 19, 20, 21 and 31, 30, 29)
  • correctly forming letters
  • using spaces between words
  • trying to use full stops in the correct place
  • blending and segmenting the sounds in words
  • learning about short and long vowel sounds (ie cat – short ‘a’ sound vs rain – long ‘a’ sound)
  • trying new strategies to ‘solve words’ (figure out what the word says)



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Posted on 27/07/18 in Preps Blog

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