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Prep 2017!

Welcome to Prep 2017

Welcome to the Prep Blog!

Hi! We are the three Prep teachers this year – Nat, James and Courtney. We’ve had a wonderful start to the year with the new Prep students and are really looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

For the first few weeks of school, our new Preps have been exploring their learning environment during SMILe. They’ve been building, making, reading, exploring, tinkering, writing and engaging in dramatic play.

(Today the menu features coffee, spaghetti, banana bread and ‘snowman’… Yum!)

Our new Preps have met their new classmates, have been learning about the rules and expectations of them at school and all about their new school. They’ve met Skipper, our school mascot, who reminds the children what they are learning to do each fortnight.  They’ve learnt to ‘reset’ our classrooms and have been practicing using words to express how they are feeling.  It’s been so exciting to see so many transitioning to school more easily every morning.


In the first few weeks, we’ve been learning about counting and making patterns in Maths. In Literacy, we’ve been learning about how to listen for the first sound in words, such as ‘t’ in ‘tiger’. We’ve learnt about the sounds that the letters s, a, t, p, i and n make and beginning to learn about how to blend these sounds together. There’s so many new symbols to learn, so we’ve been concentrating on the lower case letters. In Writing, we’ve been learning about how we can draw pictures to show people what we are thinking and maybe having a go at writing letters we know or sounds we can hear.

So… It’s time to meet Skipper! He’s going to tell us what we’re learning to do over the next fortnight.

Next fortnight, in Literacy, we’ll continue to practice the sounds that s, a, t, p, i and n make, and learn about the sounds for the letters m, f, c, h, o and b. It’s all new to most children, so don’t worry if you can’t remember them all! We’ll continue to revisit them and support each child at their point of need. We’re learning about where to start writing, the direction we write in and how to form some letters.


In Maths, we’ll be learning about different shapes and the language we use to describe shapes. We’ll continue to practice counting and ‘subitising’ (instantly recognising small groups of objects, like the dots on a face of a dice).

Thanks for visiting our blog! We hope you check in each fortnight to see what we’ve been up to and we’ll be learning to do next.

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Posted on 23/02/17 in Preps Blog

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