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Prep 2017!

Welcome to Prep 2018!

Welcome to the Prep Blog 2018!


We’ve had a wonderful first few weeks. It’s been exciting to meet new friends, explore our new environment, learn new routines and learn about all the different things that happen at school.


On this blog, you’ll find information about what’s happening across the five Prep grades. We hope to inform you about our ‘Learning Intentions’ for the upcoming fortnight and show you some wonderful examples of what’s been happening in Prep over recent times.


To begin with, we’re focusing on many different things, but in particular, all the changes that come with starting at school.


We are learning…

  • that there are expectations of us at school, such as such as keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and following instructions.
  • about the word ‘independence’ and what it means for us at school.
  • about what to do if there are problems in the classroom or in the playground, how to find our way around the school and what all the different bells, music and announcements mean!
  • how to look after our learning environment and how to ‘reset’ our classroom.


Just to keep it interesting, we’re also learning to:

  • hear the beginning sounds in words and recognise other words that start with the same sound.
  • Recognise the sounds that the following letters make –  s, a, t, p, i, n – and how to blend them together to make words (don’t worry, this can take a while! We just like to dive right in!!!)
  • understand the ‘Three Ways to Read a Book (read the pictures, read the words, retell the story)
  • think of an idea and draw a picture in our Writing books.
  • recognise and create repeating patterns.
  • subitise (instantly recognise) collections of up to 5 objects.
  • Recognise, create and continue simple repeating patterns


This all said…




The most important thing at the beginning of Prep is that we have well rested, happy, comfortable and confident little people walking into SKPS each morning.


These ‘Learning Intentions’ are broad, and are named ‘intentions’ for a reason – we intend for children to learn them, but they may take time!

All children enter with different prior experiences, skills, knowledge and strengths.

We celebrate this diversity of experience and support all children at their point of need and at their pace.


We hope that you and your children have had a magnificent start to the year. Stay tuned!

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Posted on 21/02/18 in Preps Blog

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