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Welcome to Term 4

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day was a wonderful way to begin our final term! We thoroughly enjoyed touring the learning spaces, making things together, reading books and sharing our writing with our visitors. It was so interesting to hear about what school was like when they were children, too.

We’ve saved the busiest Term until last! There’s so much we are looking forward to in the next few months including a working bee, our trip to the zoo, swimming lessons and the school fete (if you haven’t seen the video you MUST watch These special events will be linked to our learning in the classroom as we read books related to these topics, write about our experiences and sort/count/price toys for the fete.

More specifically, reading this term will be all about ‘making connections’ between our lives, our investigations and other books. You can practice making connections at home, too! When reading, discuss experiences or books that you make connections to and ask ‘does this remind you of anything?’. We are also working on improving ‘fluency’ when reading and we are all at different stages on this journey. Our goal is to read words and sentences the same way that we speak; with a certain pace and pitch (not… like… a… robot…).

We are learning about the writer’s circle and soon we will be following this process with our own pieces of writing. Here you can see a shared piece of writing about the zoo which we explored, drafted, revised. edited and published together.

While following this process, we will still be focused on our individual learning goals which are in the backs of our books. Many of these goals are about writing lower case letters, organising our ideas, including fascinating details and using interesting words.

Our love for writing is always evident at writing tables and around our classrooms during SMILe. Here are snapshots of some little writers at work recently.

In maths, we are learning to make, read and write two digit numbers. Understanding two digit numbers can be tricky so we are using lots of unifix cubes and math racks to help us grasp what these numbers actually represent. What does the ‘7’ mean in 73? Are both 4s the same in 44? We will have lots of experiences with larger numbers in order to build this understanding.

We’ll also be working on efficient strategies for addition and subtraction which includes counting on from the larger number and using what we know about the benchmarks of 5 and 10 to solve problems. When solving problems, we are learning to explain our thinking so that others understand.

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Posted on 24/10/17 in Preps Blog

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