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What a start to Term 2!

WOW! We loved arriving at school today after a wonderful break to see a lot of exciting changes inside the Manabi building! We started the day discussing the importance of looking after our learning environment before moving into Self Motivated Investigative Learning (SMILe). SMILe time was rich with learning as we explored space stations and collage areas (see below the erupting volcano and nature train).

Picture5Picture3Picture2 Picture6 Picture7

The new ice cream parlour had a big first day! Lines were out the door and the building was teeming with ice-cream-licking children (and teachers!). We were overheard discussing flavours, waiting times, prices and stock. Our teachers were very happy to hear all of this rich language!


Our very own theatre area, complete with stage, was visited by some very talented young singing and dancing crews who rehearsed their performances before announcing their show and selling so many tickets that some of the audience had to stand!

Picture12 Picture15

Redesigned sensory and construction areas in each and every classroom were a hit too! A variety of shapes and patterns could be seen in these areas, along with a lot of team work. These areas are also great for developing our fine motor skills.

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Posted on 11/04/16 in Preps Blog

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