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What’s happening in Prep?

Hello everybody,

We’re well into our second term of school and aren’t things moving fast!?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning to:

  • retell a story using the beginning, middle and end
  • draw a detailed plan for a piece of writing
  • use our ‘slidey snail’ (finger) to track where we are up to as we read
  • use measurement words like ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ to compare objects
  • measure things using informal units, like icypole sticks

Let us tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a king. He no longer fit into his bed. He measured out how long he need the bed to be using his own feet, and sent the measurement to his royal bed maker. ‘I need a bed that’s eleven feet long,’ he said. When his bed arrived, the King was shocked to see that he didn’t fit. 

Why? His feet were a different length than the bed maker’s!

All the preps have role played this story in the past few days (taking on the role of bed maker, making a bed for their royal teacher’, and have had wonderful, rich discussions about measuring using consistent units. Have a chat at home about this story and see if your child and explain to you what went wrong!

Here are our Learning Intentions for the coming fortnight:

To build our Learning Power, we are learning that:

  • I can master new things if I try my best.

In Literacy, we are learning:

  • the common sounds that the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) sh, th and ch can make.
  • the special words he, me, we, be, she, of
  • to make sure our writing matches our picture, and that our picture has enough detail that we can at least write a whole sentence about it (some of us are learning to plan a whole story!)
  • to ask appropriate questions during share time
  • to infer how characters may be feeling when reading

In Numeracy, we are learning:

  • how to flexibly partition (break apart) numbers into their smaller parts (eg, 5 can be partitioned into 4 and 1)

Thanks for reading!



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Posted on 11/05/18 in Preps Blog

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