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Writing In Prep H

We have been very busy little authors this term! Drafting, editing, revising and publishing some wonderful pieces of writing.

Here is Ada and Poppy’s story that they wrote together called the The Fairy Story.

Look out for some more great writing coming home!

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there were two little fairies. One day human’s came and tried to catch the fairies. The humans came back and tried to catch another fairy suddenly they caught a fairy. They were so happy that they caught one. Suddenly the fairy and the cage disappeared. The humans were so surprised that the fairy got away so they had to get another one for the boss. They went to the boss when they told the boss he was very angry. He made them get another one.

Chapter 2

Suddenly all the bosses men got trapped they were angry! She was so angry that she kicked her foot on the bar and her hair got curly. She stamped and stamped her feet on the ground. Her face got as red as a tomato! She got so so angry she kicked the bar again so she didn’t mind.

Chapter 3

Disaster! Suddenly a tiger appeared it was so hungry so they had to do something the tiger was so close to eating them. Then they met a magical fish it said I can grant you a wish! So the fairies came to the humans we  can help you but you have to not get us we will not so they were friends for ever! The End.

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Posted on 08/12/14 in Preps Blog

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