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At St Kilda Primary all students from Prep to Year 6 participate in our specialist programs. We have specialist teachers for Visual Arts (Ms Loder), Performing Arts (Mr Rennie), Physical Education(Mr Cheshire) and Japanese classes (Mr Shew).

Three of our four specialist programs are based in King’s Hall in our Arts Building. By physically placing three of our four specialist teachers in the same building we endeavour to support strong connections between Visual Art, Performing Art and Physical Education.

Our Recent Posts

iPad photography - 13/11/2017 - Over the last two weeks students in 5/6D, 6E and 6Y have been exploring some of the basic principles of photography using their iPads. Students had lots of fun trying out and sharing their new knowledge. For those of you interested in trying it out for yourself here are some tips to help you out. […]
Gaelic Football Season - 8/11/2017 - Tis time to move from one round ball game to another. We have kicked into Gaelic Football.  A fantastic game that has its origins in Ireland and has strong links with AFL football. Like AFL football, it is a very unique sport and played almost exclusively in its country of origin. So grab your soccer […]
Term 4 Happenings in Visual Art - 27/10/2017 - Term 4 is well underway and all year levels are busy creating a storm. Preps are focussing on continuing their fine motor skills with a lot of pattern, line and collage work. Yr 1 is waiting for their clay octopuses to be fired so they can decorate them. They will also be looking at collages. […]

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