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日本語のクラスへようこそ!‘Youkoso’- Welcome to Japanese 2016

 Japanese Classes 2016!

This Term, Prep will be learning to exchange simple greetings, count numbers up to 10 and learn some colours in Japanese. Our Prep students are doing a fantastic job at learning a Japanese song called ‘Ohayoo-Good Morning’!

Years 1 and 2 are learning how to count up to 50 and are starting to recognise Kanji number patterns. They are also concentrating on understanding general classroom instructions.

Years 3 and 4 are learning about different foods and Japanese table manners. They will also be able to explain foods that they like and dislike. They will continue to work on their Hiragana script.

Years 5 and 6 will be able to introduce themselves in Japanese stating their name, age, place they live, class and things they like and dislike.

Please keep an eye out for some examples of your child’s wonderful Japanese work on Seesaw.


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Posted on 28/02/17 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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