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All Star Boys Show Lots of Razzle & Dazzle at the Big Dance

It was a monumental achievement by the St Kilda All Star Boys Team.

The boys achieved something that has never been done before; a St Kilda Basketball Team, qualifying for the State Hooptime Championships.

The boys are one of the top 20 teams in in the State Hooptime competition. With a pool of over 400 school teams at the very beginning of the competition they won through to the big dance!

I cannot be prouder of their accomplishment. They were a fantastic team that thrived on self sacrifice, determination and team spirit.

They were wonderfully led by Jude, who was the driving force behind the teams meteoric rise to the state finals.

Jude was not alone and had wonderful lieutenants in Ethan, Harper, Kye & Kaleb.

These lads, had some brilliant and brave soldiers by there side: Nick, Liam, Jake, Ben, Jacob & Oliver.

Thank you to the parents & grandparents that came along to support the boys and who have supported the boys throughout their journey.

It was an honour and a privilege to travel along with them.

The boys have left a legacy and set the bar for our future basketball stars.

Thank you,

Mr. Chesh


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Posted on 28/11/18 in All Specialist, Physical Education Blog

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