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Art to be shared at Assembly

A little while ago I had picked some students to share their artwork at the whole school assembly. Sadly the assembly was held over the speakers that week so instead I shall share the wonderful artwork through the blog. I think this photo sums up the diversity of Visual Art at SKPS!

Congratulations to Skye and Evelyn (Prep) who were working on horizontal and vertical lines, Coco B (Yr 1) with her wonderful tissue paper bird collage, Mimi (Yr 2) with her God’s Eye weaving, Jordan (Yr 3) with his hand sewn design, Spencer (Yr 4) with his clay slab house, Marlena (Yr 5) with her soft toy and Brock (Yr 6) with his amazing photograph.

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Posted on 08/12/17 in All Specialist, Visual Art Blog

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