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Mr Rennie brings you all some MASSIVE news to start Term 2!

SKPS have been invited to participate in the Dandenong Ranges Ukulele Festival on Saturday 20th May, 2017. , or on facebook under DRUKE2017

The event is a national ukulele festival in its own right and has been running for four years. This is the first year that students have been invited to participate. It will be held at Emerald Primary School in the Dandenongs. What an amazing location!

The day begins at 10am with some incredible ukulele musicians and will culminate with the student performances in the late afternoon. Students are not required for the full day but this is a wonderful opportunity for a family day out, a bonding experience for the students and an eye opener to a life performing on stage.

At this stage I foresee SKPS playing 2 songs. Riptide, which we have all had good exposure to. And then one more song that we can practise in the weeks leading up to the event.

There will also be a whole student group strum along backed by a drummer and a bassist so it’s a wonderful opportunity for the students to get some stage time as well as the experience of playing music amongst a larger group. At this stage the event organiser has said it will be The Passenger by Iggy Pop! Classic!

Follow this link for the original version –

Or this link for a female cover by Australia’s Mia Dyson –

And the ukulele tutorial on Youtube for students that want to get started –

Finally there is an opportunity for brave students to compete against other students in a very friendly and supportive environment. Categories include proficient players as well as early beginners.

There is even a category called “I’ve only been playing the uke for a term but here’s what I can do!”

PERFECT for our kids. Happy Birthday To You..!

I am currently looking for an indication of students/families who would be available and would like to attend. THE MORE THE MERRIER.

It will be up to families to arrange their own transport.

Financially wise, Parents and Students just turning up for their performances are permitted for free.

However I strongly recommend paying the half-price fee of $10 per head to experience the day in part or full. I think it will be quite inspiring for those students who have taken a liking to the ukulele.

Check out the webpage and Facebook for more details.

Mr Rennie will be there for the long haul!

If your child/children are keen to participate please email me directly during this week to I will be doing a walk around tomorrow to promote the event to anyone that is unaware at this stage.

Once I have an idea of numbers we can move forward with rhythm!

With thanks from a very excited Mr Rennie!

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Posted on 18/04/17 in All Specialist, Performing Arts Blog

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