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Creatures of the Bay exhibition

You may have seen on Sue’s News the amazing work Milo and Bernie in Year 2 have done promoting the effects that litter has on our environment. I am so proud of them and the other Year 2 students.

These amazing students went and collected rubbish from Elwood Beach, they then designed and created a sea creature using only the rubbish, some glue and maybe some paint. All of these amazing creations were put together to create two giant seascapes (see above) ready for the Creatures of the Bay exhibition.

If you get a chance to visit the Creatures of the Bay exhibition I highly recommend it. Our students were the youngest contributors to the exhibition and have done an outstanding job.

Creatures of the Bay Exhibition

Gasworks Park

Wednesday 14th June to Sunday 2nd July

Open 9:30- 4pm

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Posted on 23/06/17 in Visual Art Blog

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