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District Athletics Team 2017

Hi Everyone,

We have compiled our District Athletics Team and our team of talented athletes will be training and preparing for the big day on Friday the 25th of August at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena. Our team is:

9/10 Age
Kaleb 200m Hjump 800m 4 x100m
Hannah Shotput 4x100m
Evie 1500m
Anouk Discus 200m 4 x100m
Archie Hurdles shot put 4 x100m
Archie Long Jump 4 x100m
Millie 800m
Harry 100m Discus 4 x100m
Oliver 1500m
Olive Long Jump Hjump 4 x100m
Georgia 100m Hurdles 4 x100m
11 Age
Jude 100m Long Jump 4 x100m
Liam 200m Hjump 4x100m
Jake 4 x100m
Noah 1500m 4 x100m
Ethan Shotput
Jacob 800m
Kye Hurdles
Harper Discus
Kyra Shot put
Leila 200m 1500m
Marlena 4x100m
Annick Hjump 800m
Carolina Long Jump
Frankie Discus 4 x100m
Lily 4 x100m
Judie 100m Hurdles 4 x100m
12/13 Age
Anthony 100m Hurdles 800m 4 x100m
Geng 4 x100m
Pepper 100m 4 x100m
Chelsea B Hurdles 4 x100m
Beka 200m 1500m 4 x100m
Caelan 4 x100m
Atticus Discus
Carmen Long Jump shotput 800m 4 x100m
Andre Shot put
Rowley Long Jump Hjump
Mia Hjump 1500m 4 x100m


Mr. Chesh

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Posted on 01/08/17 in All Specialist, Physical Education Blog

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