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Hello from Mr Rennie!

Welcome from Mr Rennie!

It is with tremendous joy and enthusiasm that I extend a happy new school year to you all wearing my new performing arts hat!

Ms Natasha Ogg has left some very big shoes to fill but please do not fear because you can still see her smiling face at the helm of 3O!

In addition to relishing the challenge of remembering 600 student names, these early weeks of performing arts have already produced some exciting moments in our little creative space.

The senior school (3-6) have already sunk their teeth into tuning the ukulele by ear (and sometimes with the help of a tuner) as well as learning some notes and chords that will soon see them strumming and singing Riptide and other modern classics until you pull your hair out!

In addition to experimenting with the ukulele as an instrument, the grade 5s and 6s will be exploring the power of protest songs in line with the concept of government and their recent trip to Canberra. We have already discussed how songs can retell important moments in history while carrying an enduring message (From little things, big things grow, by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody).

In contrast we have discussed how music can encapsulate present day events and issues and be a cause for change themselves. Finally we have discussed that not all songs have to be serious in nature! Some of the great songs are hilarious, and some are in fact about nothing much at all. I’ve already heard some terrific camp songs about the Sundown Motel Resort! I thoroughly look forward to working with any students with an interest in songwriting as it is one of my favourite past times!

The Junior school will focus on musical elements, rhythm and movement as well as exploring the concept of sustainability through our musical concert to be – “Skipper the penguin saves the Planet!” The script has been purchased through the same company that produced last year’s hit, “Cinderella and Rockerfella”, and provides much scope for song and dance and of course adorable penguin and polar bear costumes. I will be sending out requests for parent involvement and I welcome the more the merrier!

Finally – I am in forever in awe of the creative parents and friends among the SKPS community. Some of you are well known. Some of you are lurking in the shadows! PLEASE do let me know if you have any expertise that you would like to share with the students at any time. Singing, Dancing, Hula Hooping, Being dramatic, Telling jokes, Instrumental specialists… I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at any time at


Mick Rennie.

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Posted on 21/02/17 in All Specialist, Performing Arts Blog

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