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Japanese! Great Excitement! Great opportunity!

Great Excitement! Great opportunity!

Our Japanese friends from our sister city school, Ishigase Elementary School (ES), contacted our school this week to ask how many host families we would be able to offer when they visit this year. The number of host families we can provide will determine how many children will participate in the international excursion next year. Ishigase ES will be arriving in Melbourne on Friday 18 August 2017 for a 5-day stay. Each child will be accompanied by a parent. The staff and principal will also need host families to stay with. If you would like to be a host family please fill in the form provided and return to Mary in the office. By being a host family you will have the most wonderful opportunity to meet and establish new friendships that may very well last a lifetime. Please consider sharing your lives and homes with a friend from Ishigase!


Domo Arigato (many thanks) Greg Shew Japanese Teacher




HOST FAMILIES-Ishigase Elementary School Visit

We would like to be a host family when our Sister School visits from Friday 18 August – Wednesday 23 August 2017. We would be willing to be a host family for:

___ A student and his/her parent

___ A teacher or the principal

Parent Name: _____________________________ Child’s Name: ____________________


Contact Number: ___________________________  Mobile number: __________________

Email Address:





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