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Japanese School of Melbourne Visit


Last Monday 19th June, Year 5/6D were invited to the Japanese School of Melbourne for a school exchange day. We were all warmly welcomed into the school with a wonderful ‘Opening Ceremony’ of their students playing traditional Japanese musical instruments called ‘KOTO’. Both schools then exchanged welcome speeches in both Japanese and English.


For the remainder of the day we were taught many traditional cultural games and activities such as ‘Tenka’ – (similar to Dodge Ball), ‘Tamaire’ – (red and white balls thrown into a net game), Fukuwarai (face parts game), Wannage (Quoits games), Origami (we folded ‘Kabuto’- Samurai warrior hats and ‘Shuriken’-Ninja stars) and a Japanese alphabet ‘Hiragana’ game called ‘Karuta’.


We ended the day with goodbye and thank you speeches in both Japanese and English and exchanged gifts. Everyone had a magnificent time and we are all looking forward to the Japanese School of Melbourne visiting us at St Kilda Primary in November this year.



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Posted on 23/06/17 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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