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Junior Musical Concert Callout

That’s right folks.. The world wide environmental musical smash Skipper The Penguin Saves The World blows into town this September!

For two days only (Mon Sept 18 and Tues Sept 19) the St Kilda Town Hall will light up with three performances of the off-broadway drama about a young penguin, Skipper, who lives in Antarctica and notices that the ice is melting (“drip, drop can you hear a sound, drip drop, drip drop!”).

The search for a new home takes Skipper and his large family of penguins (adorable!!) in search of new ice and they quickly realise that human beings all over the world are doing things that is making the earth hotter (“If the weather is fine, hang your washing on the line!”)

Skipper and his family along with some big white polar bears from the north pole and other recruits go on a world wide mission to educate the humans through passionate song and dance, culminating in a visit to Malcolm Turnbull’s house!

At this stage I am looking for the following contributors..
– Script writers
– Musicians
– Vocal coaches
– Choreographers

– Enthusiastic people!!

My plan would be to send out the script (that will take all of 5 minutes to read) with a link to the music so everyone could have a listen in their own time, and then find a time to meet up and throw around some ideas.

The script is very brief and I would love to create some more characters and dialogue to give more children an opportunity to showcase their acting skills.

I also see great scope for adding in additional humorous dialogue specific to St Kilda Primary School, and obviously a Ms Higgins character will be required!

It would be great to add in a few contemporary pop classics for a whole school dance number perhaps, or even some original songs if the older kids get into that.

So that’s where it is at this stage. The students have begun singing the songs and most of them understand the story behind it.

I look forward to hearing from some excited parents or friends!

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Posted on 22/02/17 in All Specialist, Performing Arts, Sustainability Blog

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