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Matsuri Day 2014 – Thank you (Domo Arigato Gozaimasu)

                      A huge thank you (Arigato gozaimasu –ありがとうございます),to all the parents that helped to make Matsuri Day 2014 so fantastic, the activities ranged from Tea Ceremony, Bunraku demonstrations (Japanese Puppets) by our Yr 3 / 4 Children, Origami, Lantern making, Japanese Calligraphy, Manga drawing, Kami Tonbo (Japanese Gyrocopter) and Sara Mawashi (paper plate and chopstick spinning game). We were lucky enough to have an amazing Obon performance by: Keiko and the Obon ladies, as well as the ‘Urasenke’ Japanese ladies which demonstrated the modern style of Japanese Tea Ceremony. Thank you to all the children, parents and teachers that looked absolutely sensational in their Japanese clothes. It was a magnificent day!!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!

Domo Arigato (どもありかと) Greg Shew and Mary Kim Japanese Teachers

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Posted on 01/12/14 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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