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Next Wednesday 7th December we will be having our traditional Matsuri Day. This is a wonderful chance for students to immerse themselves in the various cultural traditions of Japan. Please mark it in your calendar. We dress up in traditional Japanese clothes on the day to further enhance the experience, so now is the time to get your thinking hats on and see what wonderful ideas you can come up with. For example, please come dressed as a Ninja, cartoon characters from Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, a Sumo wrestler, a Karate-kid, in a Judo or martial arts costume or in a traditional Japanese Kimono. Anything Japanese is welcome. A huge thank you to all the parents that have returned the helpers form to help out in their child’s classroom on the day.

Looking forward to an AMAZING Matsuri Day 2016.


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Posted on 02/12/16 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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