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A huge thank you (Arigato gozaimasu –ありがとうございます) to all the parents and special friends that helped to make Matsuri Day 2016 so fantastic. The activities ranged from SKPS famous chopstick race, Traditional Tea Ceremony performed by the Japanese ladies from Chado Urasenke Tankokai Melbourne, Lantern making, Origami, Japanese Calligraphy, Geisha / Oni paper plate craft, Koinobori (Carp flag) making, Fan decorating and making /playing Kami Tonbo (gyrocopters). We were lucky enough to have a very special demonstration by Toshi and Junko (Wadaiko Drummers and flute players). Thank you to all the children, parents and staff that looked absolutely sensational in their Japanese clothes.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Domo Arigato (どもありかと)  ………..Greg Shew Japanese Teacher

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Posted on 09/12/16 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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