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Each year SKPS has a Matsuri (festival day) to celebrate Japanese Art and Culture and support our LOTE program. On this day we welcome parents to help out in classes with fun, exciting and interesting Matsuri day activities. This year we will be celebrating TANABATA or Star Festival. TANABATA is a romantic legend about two stars, Altair and Vega, who are separated all year by the Milky Way. Altair, the herd boy, and Vega, the weaver girl or star weaver, meet just once every year. This festival has been celebrated for more than a thousand years in Japan. People all over Japan put bamboo branches or trees in their houses or backyards. They hang strips of paper, TANAZAKU, with written poems and wishes on the branches. They also hang up other star-like decorations.

TANABATA MATSURI will be held at SKPS on Wednesday, 7 December. Our festival will include, as always, lots of wonderful activities for the children. We welcome all parents and helpers to help make this wonderful day happen.

The whole school; children, teachers, parents and helpers, will dress up ‘Japanese style’ to further enhance the experience, so now is the time to get your thinking hats on and see what wonderful ideas you can come up with.

Please come along and help us with this major event in the school calendar.

If you can help please return this form to the office ASAP

Domo Arigato (many thanks) Greg Shew (Japanese Teacher)


I can help out on Matsuri Day, Wednedsay 7 December 2016.

Name: _______________________________Phone______________________________

Email: _______________________________Mobile:_____________________________

Child’s name: __________________________Class/Year:____________________________

Available:          9:00am~3:30pm                       9:00am~1:00pm                       1:30pm~3:30pm


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Posted on 14/11/16 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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