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Performing Arts Term 3

The Performing Art space is yet again an exciting place to be in Term 3 filled with Drama, Song and Dance!

The Senior School are focusing on the production of Wind in the Willows which will take the centre stage at the Phoenix Theatre (Elwood College) in Term 4, Tuesday October 30 – Thursday November 1. There will be 4 ticketed shows (details to come).

The production features 13 songs, of which each grade has been allocated one. Students will be singing and dancing, adding colour and movement to support the storyline and the main cast. All of the songs are very catchy and as always I like to give the students agency in determining how they look and move on stage.

You also may or may not have heard that yours truly, Mr Rennie, accidentally booked one of the shows on Halloween!! It turns out that was a BIG deal. Students LOVE candy. I challenged the students to make their own protest videos in small groups to persuade me to change the time or date in order to facilitate the festival of candy…

The results have been hilarious (and very convincing if you know what i mean….)! Stay tuned to your seesaw notifications to see the brilliant digital technology side of Performing Arts that is extremely relevant and accessible to our students these days.

In addition to the production, the Senior School continue to build on their knowledge and practice of dance as they use warm up activities and choreographed sequences to build on their skillset.

The Junior School have a production-free year in 2018 so we are full steam ahead in our Dance unit. We are working through the elements of dance (space, time, dynamics and relationships) to communicate and express ideas and intentions through expressive and purposeful movement.

Our 45 minute sessions are broken up into warm up games, stretching, movement focus and performance preparation. The Prep’s have been allocated Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake and the Grade 1s & 2s have been allocated Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. Each week the students revise and learn the next section of the choreography so that they will be able to perform the entire song by the end of the term.

There is never a dull moment over here in Performing Arts and in addition to the above all year levels are working toward building their Learning Power. We often refer to the statements – “I am ready to try something new,” and “I know can master something if I try.” The closer we get to believing these positive statements, the more unstoppable we are as learners!

As always, if you have any questions please contact me anytime –

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Posted on 14/08/18 in All Specialist, Performing Arts Blog

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