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Having a healthy approach to life is the key value of our Physical Education program. As well as the core program that focuses on building key skills and attitudes to sport, our program incorporates coaching clinics in sports such as football, basketball, hockey and netball. Throughout the year a number of professional bodies come in to work with different year levels. These include golf, lacrosse, basketball and football. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 are involved in Gala Days throughout the year where they can play in a competition setting. Our PE teacher ensures that they have practised the skills involved and feel confident when taking part in these events. Each year the children take part in a two week swimming program where they are taught at a level that matches their ability.

We are keen to develop and enrich community relationships and hold a number of events across the year to address this. These events include: our Family Sports Night, House Sports Day, the Kelly-Woodford Cup (which is run by parents and is a football match where the parents and staff verse the children, the children usually win!) and the Tommy Lahiff Cup (football community event across neighbouring primary schools).

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Posted on 20/06/13 in All Specialist, Physical Education Blog

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