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Welcome to SKPS Tomoko and Ishigase Elementary School Preparation!

Welcome to St Kilda Primary Tomoko Asada. Tomoko is from Chiba in Japan and will be assisting Japanese lessons for the next 3 weeks. Tomoka is an Education student at Housei University in Tokyo and is very excited to be teaching Japanese to the children of St Kilda Primary.

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to Masuyo Takada, who returned to Japan last Friday. Masuyo assisted with Japanese lessons for the past 2 weeks. She works an English teacher at a private Primary School and lives in Nagoya Achi Japan. Masuyo was very interested to see how Australian children learn Japanese. She was very impressed with the high standard of Japanese knowledge from all students at SKPS.

Masayo taught our students some Japanese songs (Yr. 3 / 4: Kobuta, Tanuki, Kitsune, Neko) (Little Pig, Racoon, Fox, Cat song) and Yr.1 and 2 students learnt the famous Japanese song ‘Ookina kuri no ki no shita de’ (Under the Chestnut Tree). She also read the popular Japanese story called ‘The Fox and the Crane’ to Prep, grade 1 and 2 classes. Yr. 5 and 6 classes learnt all about Kanji and how the symbols originated from China thousands of years ago.

This week in Japanese, we are preparing for the arrival of our sister city school, Ishigase Elementary. Students are all busy finalising their Japanese ‘Introduction Speeches’, St Kilda Primary ‘Tour Guide Information’ packs and practicing their Japanese songs.

We are all very excited and cannot wait to see our Japanese Ishigase friends again!

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Posted on 16/08/17 in All Specialist, Japanese Blog

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