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What’s Happening in Term 4

It’s hard to believe that we are already in Term 4, how the year has flown.

Thank you to all the people that assisted and supported our Student Art Show- The Marvellous Menagerie last term. It was an outstanding success and raised $2500 for the school.

This term we have a wide range of skills we are working on.

Preps will be continuing to explore aspects of Art including pattern and collage.

Year 1 is beginning with some sewing before moving on to different aspects of weaving.

Yr 2 is continuing to build on their weaving skills from last term before exploring Japanese cherry blossom pictures.

Year 3 is continuing their weaving from last term before exploring sewing.

Year 4 is beginning with expanding their clay skills before developing their weaving skills.

Year 5 is working on clay, paper vessels and using a sewing machine.

Year 6 is developing their sewing by making bookmarks. They will also be exploring Japanese style water pictures.


Many classes are working on their weaving skills. This looks very different in each year level and I will share some finished pieces with you soon.

Enjoy Term 4!



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Posted on 16/10/18 in All Specialist, Visual Art Blog

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