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Year 5 Students -Final Opportunity to Express Interest in Japan Tour 2016


2 November 2015

Dear Parents,

I write to you to inform you that Mr Okawa, Principal of Ishigase Elementary School has confirmed our forthcoming tour to Japan. This is wonderful news!

I have received many expressions of interest regarding this tour. This is the final opportunity for you to express interest in your child participating in the tour next year. If you have expressed interest already I would appreciate you confirming that you are still keen for your child to take part in the Japan home stay program for 2016.

As with the 2014 tour, already we have received many more expressions of interest than places available. Following our visit from our Sister School in August, Mr Okawa confirmed that 10 students from SKSP will be welcomed in 2016.

Shortly I will commence the selection process to identify the children who will be part of the tour group. This will involve meeting with each child and having a discussion with them. It is a fair and equitable process. Prior to commencing this process I would like confirmation that you remain keen on your child participating in the 2016 Japan tour.

The fine details regarding the Japan tour are not able to be provided at this stage; however I can say that the tour group with leave on the 21st of April for a period of approximately 10 days. The cost will be in the vicinity of $2,600-$2,800.

A brief overview of the itinerary is as follows:

Depart Melbourne and fly to Nagoya where our group will be met by delegates from the City of Obu. We will be transported to a hotel where the children and our staff will stay overnight. The following morning we will be collected from the hotel by staff from Ishigase Elementary School and taken to school where the children will join their classes. The host families will collect the children from school that afternoon and our children will then commence their 5 day home stay visit. The home stay visit will include a weekend. Following our 5 day school stay our group will travel to Kyoto where we will be based for 3 days. We will see many of the sights in Kyoto and travel to Nara for a day to see other sights of interest. We are considering including Tokyo in the experience for the first time. The days are all incredibly busy and we take in as many wonders of this exceptional country as we can manage.

I have been on 6 trips to Japan with children and I truly believe the tour is an incredible opportunity for them. I have seen their social skills develop, resilience build and confidence soar. The groups have bonded exceptionally well during the previous trips and I have no doubt that this will once again occur.

If you are still interested in your child being considered for participation on the 2016 tour to Japan, please fill in the form below and return to me, Sue Higgins, by Monday 9th November.

Kindest regards,

Sue Higgins



I, __________________________________________, parent of _______________________________

wish to confirm that I am interested in my child being considered for the 2016 tour to Japan.


My contact number/s is:               ___________________________________________________________

My email address is:                       ___________________________________________________________

Signature:                                           ___________________________________

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