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Welcome to the Year 1 Blog

Welcome to the 2018 Grade 1 Blog! Here in Grade 1 there are over 70 of us! We love learning, investigating and discovering new and exciting things. We would really love to share all our knowledge and new skills with you through our blog this year. Make sure you subscribe and keep up to date with all the fascinating things that are happening in Grade 1!

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WALA in Weeks 9 and 10 - 12/6/2018 - In Grade 1 this fortnight we will be learning about… Learning Power: We are learning to help ourselves when we get stuck by asking a friend or class ‘expert’. At home have a chat with your child. What are some of the skills that they are most proud of? How could they use these skills to […]
Week 6 and 7 WALA - 23/5/2018 - This fortnight in Grade 1 we are learning about… Social and Emotional Skills We are learning to name and describe different emotions. We are learning about what it means to be kind and what random acts of kindness are.   Learning Power We are learning to help ourselves when we get stuck. We are going […]
In Term 2 we have been learning about… - 10/5/2018 - In Term 2 so far we have been busy learning about: Writing We are learning to write our lowercase letters on dotted thirds, beginning in the correct position. We are learning about the features of an information report. We are learning to write an information report about animals. We are learning to plan our writing […]

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