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Welcome to the 2017 Grade 1 Blog! Here in Grade 1 there are over 110 of us! We love learning, investigating and discovering new and exciting things. We would really love to share all our knowledge and new skills with you through our blog this year. Make sure you subscribe and keep up to date with all the fascinating things that are happening in Grade 1!

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WALT…. this fortnight in Grade 1 - 12/5/2017 - This fortnight in Grade 1 we have been learning a great many things…. In READING we are learning all about nouns. We have been learning that a noun is a word to describe people, places and things. There are also proper nouns that are the names of a particular person or place. Proper nouns always start with a capital […]
This fortnight we have been learning to… - 28/4/2017 - These two weeks in Grade 1 have been filled with lots of discovery and learning! In reading we are learning to describe and recognise verbs. An easy way to remember what verbs are is to think of them as ‘doing words’. Through our class brainstorms of verbs we discovered that there are different types of verbs. There […]
Welcome back to Term 2! - 19/4/2017 - Welcome back to Term 2. We hope everyone had a great Easter! As you are all well aware we have had some slight room changes to begin the term, but everyone has settled in beautifully to the new spaces and we are enjoying being all together. As a team we are extremely proud of how the […]

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