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Welcome to the Year 1 Blog

Welcome to the 2018 Grade 1 Blog! Here in Grade 1 there are over 70 of us! We love learning, investigating and discovering new and exciting things. We would really love to share all our knowledge and new skills with you through our blog this year. Make sure you subscribe and keep up to date with all the fascinating things that are happening in Grade 1!

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We have been learning about… - 9/3/2018 - Welcome back to the Grade 1 blog. Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy exploring, investigating, experimenting and learning about lots of interesting things. During reading time we have been learning to build our Read to Self stamina. We are practising reading to ourselves without getting distracted or giving up. We have […]
Welcome to Grade 1 2018! - 25/2/2018 - Welcome to the Grade 1 2018 blog! Hi! We are the Grade 1 teachers this year – Mollie, Michael and Liz. We’ve had a wonderful start to the year with the new Grade 1 students and are really looking forward to a wonderful year ahead! We cant wait to share with you all the different […]
The power of persuasion! - 2/11/2017 - This term our crafty Grade 1’s have been focusing on their literacy skills in the area of persuasive texts! We have been learning a lot about this text type, and the all-important features of them! We have discovered that persuasive texts aim to convince others about a particular topic, by including strong arguments with related […]

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