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1B are JAMMIN’

What an amazing time 1BU had participating in a jam making masterclass on Thursday! It was such an fun day learning how to cook the special Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam that Grade 1 will be selling at the school fete. Chef Stix Grigg showed us all how to make jam and taught us about seasonal fruit and veggies, preserving and how to be safe in the kitchen.

We also learnt how to grow our own strawberries from the seeds and made some fantastic posters advertising our jam. We cant wait for people to buy it and see for themselves how delicious it is!

Check out all the fun we had!

Next week it is 1K’s turn to make some jam to add to our stocks.

Special thanks to Stix Grigg for volunteering his time to come in a teach us all about making jam and helping us learn some new skills for life! We cant wait to see what types of jam and preserves people end up making at home!

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Posted on 18/08/17 in Year 1 Blog

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